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Midnight 30 Music Starry Night Delay Deluxe
midnight 30 music starry night delay deluxe

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*This pedal will ship 12 days or less from the time of order.

The Starry Night Delay Deluxe is big brother to the Starry Night Delay family and is packed with some amazing and unique features! The Deluxe has Tap Tempo (internal and external), Modulation, Tails, and the Madness feature that makes the Starry Night unique!

This new version has some major improvements over the original that include: Tails (delay signal trails off when you turn the pedal off), and some major tweaks to the repeats. It now has full spectrum control over the repeats of the delay signal and is filtered in such a way that it has a slight tape delay feel. It also has a toggle control (short/long) that increases the range of the delay times. It has 5 knobs that control Mix, Repeats, Time, Modulation Rate, and Modulation depth. The modulation portion of the Starry Night is analog. It modulates by utilizing a photocell and red LED. It's warm and lush in sound! The Madness controls on the Starry Night Delay is a momentary detune of the delay signal. When you press on the switch it charges up and when you let it go it detunes your repeats down and then returns back to normal at the speed you have the madness knob set. This allows for some very creative sounds to be used in ambient playing.

The tap tempo can be used either internal or external. When a tap tempo controller is plugged in, it bypasses the use of the internal tap tempo switch on the pedal.

It has been tested with great success on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards and even cello.

The Starry Night Delay starts with a professionally fabricated circuit board and is made with the finest electronics parts, switches and wire. It's hand built, on at a time on the workbench at my home in upstate NY!

Powered by a standard 9v negative tip (boss style adaptor)

Current draw is around 100 mA