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Risen Amps is a quality amplifier manufacture that is always bringing something hot to the market. Every amp that leaves their shop is guaranteed to have the ability to rock any venue, any size. Shop their products here at the Guitar Gas Company.
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risen amps r112 cabinet guitar Risen Amps R112 Cabinet
Our Price: $585.00
risen amps r212 guitar cabinet Risen Amps R212 Cabinet
Our Price: $785.00
risen amps bedrock guitar Risen Amps Bedrock
Our Price: $895.00
risen amps claymore guitar Risen Amps Claymore
Our Price: $1,500.00
Risen Amps Eclipse Risen Amps Eclipse
Our Price: $1,725.00
risen amps blackbird guitar Risen Amps Blackbird
Our Price: $1,875.00
risen amps milano guitar Risen Amps Milano
Our Price: $1,875.00