Welcome to the Guitar Gas Company, the guitar enthusiasts home.
At the Guitar Gas Company we have a goal to cure musicians of their GAS. We do this by offering the highest quality boutique effects pedals and the best customer service on the market. Every pedal that is offered in our shop is handmade, finely crafted, and perfected. It is these high standards that we set for our builders that insure you, our customer, the best products on the market. We're a small player and that allows us to stay fresh and unique.

The Guitar Gas Company is more than just a music retailer, we are a community of guitarist who share a common obsession; boutique handmade pedals. But we also realize that the tone your looking doesn't stop at guitar effects pedals. That is why we carry a beautiful selection of guitar amplifiers, picks, and cables. Each product that the Guitar Gas Company carries is an essential piece in the puzzle of the ultimate tone.

Please give us a call at 1.877.727.4196. We bring experience and an absolute commitment to the best customer satisfaction on every product that we sell. We pride ourselves on our reputation. You will be happy, I personally guarantee it.

Jordan Wiener