Welcome to the Guitar Gas Company, the guitar enthusiasts home. At the Guitar Gas Company we take pride in you friendly online guitar shop. We're a small player and that allows us to maintain relationships with our customers, carry stock that you won’t find in your big brand retailers, and offer a unique personalized experience for each customer that passes through our store.

GGC fully stands by every brand offered through our site. They meet our strict standards for providing handcrafted works of art -- not mass produced boxes. It is this dedication that our artisans live by which makes them unique to the ball game, and us proud to offer.

At the Guitar Gas Company you will also be able to find limited editions and runs that wont be offered anywhere else in the world. We strive to maintain strong relationships with our brands so that we can offer you the best and most unique products that are available for aspiring musicians globally.

What Is Guitar Gas?

GAS (the acronym) stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome, a serious issue we very strongly believe in here at the Guitar Gas Company. It is our goal to help every musician through this difficult period by supplying them with all of the products they need to help them cure themselves of said GAS.

If you ever need help diagnosing your GAS or just want someone to talk shop with, feel free to visit our Contact Us page for every possible way to get in touch with us!